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Megan Pormer is a multi-talented brand ambassador, spokes model and influencer. Cosmopolitan Middle East chose Megan as the magazine’s June 2017 cover girl, declaring her “Tinseltown’s Middle Eastern Mega-Star.” Megan appeared on the May 2017 cover of Women’s Health Middle East, which applauded her for raising awareness of a revolution in customized health, beauty and wellness. Both magazine covers were displayed on a 22-story tall electronic billboard in the heart of New York Times Square. In August 2017, Megan became the cover star for Tehran magazine, the most prestigious Iranian magazine in the United States and she is here to talk to me all things health & beauty.

Kamilla – You have recently taken the world by storm as the health and beauty advocate and face of many brands. I’m sure the one question that every woman wants to know- what is your skin regimen?

Megan – That’s very sweet of you point out- thank you for that. Well, when I was a teenager, I first realized that skin beauty and clarity has more to do with what you put inside of your body than outside; I know, it sounds confusing right? Let me explain. Beauty isn’t only skin deep because beauty is a regimen- a cycle or routine that you have to get in the habit of practicing, to keep the inside of your skin as fresh and youthful as the outside! As a young adult, I started doing experiments with different kinds of fruits to see how each will change or impact my skin. After eating tons of apples and oranges, I found that everyone at school began to notice a new glow on my face that wasn’t there before. I realized that a key factor to beauty was hydration, and fruits were one sweet way to go about it!
I was blessed to have my teenage years coincide with the start of the health and fitness wave that has blanketed the world, giving me a lot of knowledge to understand the benefits of healthy eating and the willpower to avoid sugars. After all, I’m sure everyone has had some experiences with unwanted blemishes after consuming an excessive amount of sugar and chocolate, and I can’t say I’m an exception to that! In fact, based on my DNA I have a pretty BIG sweet tooth to work with!
I also used to wash my face and bathe in camel’s milk- an ancient family beauty secret my grandma has helped passed down. At the time, little did I know that the benefits of camel’s milk included lots of antioxidants, anti inflammatory benefits and a lot of great skin as a result.
Additionally, when it comes to skincare, I am a firm believer that one size doesn’t fit all, so naturally, I took a DNA test to better understand what my DNA says about my skins’ needs, and then customized my skincare products based on the results. I am currently using genetically customized products for my skin. Washing my skin gently, twice a day is a must. I never use liquid foundation on my skin unless I have a photo-shoot scheduled. However, I always wear a tinted moisturizer with SPF 30+, even when I’m getting photographed. I ask my makeup artist to put a tinted moisturizer first as a base, and then the rest can go from there.
I believe in prevention over than treatment, and what I mean by that is that I believe it’s absolutely better to be safe now, then sorry later. So I started going to a facials at a younger age (close to 17) to keep my skin fresh. I am also a strong believer in using regional before going to bed.

Kamilla – If there is one advice you would give to women to have healthy skin, what would that be?

Megan – To achieve beauty from inside out, you have to first ensure that your inside is as beautiful as your outside, and vice versa. You have to make sure to take care of both, the inside and the outside with the same attention to detail, so first things’ first, try avoiding the consumption of processed sugar. I know it’s hard, as it is everywhere, but the more you pay attention to what you eat, the more your body and skin will benefit from your newfound healthy glow. Start taking care of your skin as early as you can. Take a DNA test to find out what works best for your skin type like I did for mine, go treat yourself to facials and understand how to best nourish your skin from inside outside. Do it for yourself, do it for your bod, and do it for your skin!

Kamilla – That naturally leads us to the next question, how do you stay so fit inspite of having such a hectic schedule of traveling between Dubai and LA?

Megan – The DNA test I took also gave me information on the type of food, diet and exercise that would best suit my body in staying fit and healthy, so all I have to do now is stick to what’s right for my DNA type to see the best results for myself! I’m also a big believer in homemade food, so I try to cook as much as I possibly can, even when I’m traveling. It’s not only therapeutic between all of the buzz around me, but it’s the best way to make sure that I intake only specific organic and healthy substances into my body.

Kamilla – What are some of your favorite eateries in Dubai?

Megan – I love Baker & Spice in Souk Al Bahar and Harper’s Bazaar Café. In fact, now that you asked me this, thinking about it right now, I think I might just go grab a bite after this!

Kamilla – What’s your all-time favorite snack?

Megan – I LOVE raw, organic green juices and wellness/immune boosting shots like turmeric and ginger. In LA, I go to this amazing place called Kreation where I can get all of that to snack on, and it keeps me hydrated, fueled and active all day! In Dubai, I’m still trying to find the IT place for juicing. Also, I love snacking on sweet, chocolaty bars, just as long as they’re dairy-free, gluten-free and contain no refined sugar. I know, sounds like a complicated one to find, but you’d be surprised what I’ve come across!

Kamilla – Do you feel that finding healthy snacks are readily available in Dubai?

Megan – I have been on the look out for the healthy spots in Dubai, and I can already see a huge health wave coming and taking over Dubai, as it’s done to LA! This is especially important to people like me who have a big sweet tooth on their hands, and have to worry about finding snacks to indulge themselves on, that don’t contain artificial ingredients or refined sugars that we don’t want in our bodies! I’m just thankful I’ve found your SUPER- delish snacks for that! I’m used to finding healthy spots in every nook and corner, which is what I’m also hoping to do in Dubai, before sharing my healthy cheat list with my fans out there!

Kamilla – How do you unwind/relax?

Megan – Relaxing is such an important part of your day, and it’s so heavily underestimated, especially in LA, because people are so concerned with jobs, finances and other matters that they forget to stop and take a breath. I personally like to stop what I’m doing and unwind, or take a breath by soaking my problems away in a hot tub, or surfing through Instagram on the hunt for the new health trends that I’m then excited to share with my fans!


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